WKU Says They Won't Jack Up Tuition Despite Proposed Cuts

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Governor Steve Beshear's proposed $20 billion budget had a clear message re-invest in education.

"I applaud the governor for his commitment and support that he's showing through his proposal not just as it relates to SEEK funding, but in other areas as well," said Bowling Green Schools Superintendent Joe Tinius.

Beshear is looking at putting about $190 million into K-12 education as well as addition funding for textbooks and technology.

"That allows us to take that money we've had to redirect to come back and look at providing services that we've had to back off of in the last few years," said Tinius.

Not everyone was thrilled, especially those in higher education.

WKU is seeing a 2.5% cut, which is about $1.8 million.

"2.5% is my way of thinking is more than modest. So, I was surprised by the amount," said WKU President Dr. Gary Ransdell.

Dr. Ransdell said the university will not jack up tuition prices at a ridiculous rate.

"There will be some type of tuition. There will be every year, because costs go up and you have fixed cost increases and there are significant needs. We've reached a point where that has to be modest at best. It will by no means cover these cuts plus other expenses that we will have," said Ransdell.

Ransdell knows this is just the first proposal, the House and Senate will both look at it, and he said he's already talked to Rep. Jody Richards, D-Bowling Green.

"He's got some ideas and we talked about some ways that we might avoid this cut," said Ransdell.

For WKU, they hope that's exactly what happens.

Ransdell did say he's very pleased to see the Gatton Academy add 80 more students to the 120 they already have under the governor's budget proposal.

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