WKU Students Remember Cheryl Williamson

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WKU student Cheryl Williamson, 24, died from a gunshot wound in Louisville over the weekend.

Police say Williamson was arguing with two men at a party when the argument turned deadly.

"I don't think that she would do anything to hurt anybody and from what i heard about the story. That's crazy," says Shade Blackman, who knew Williamson.

"It's crazy how people can't just have a disagreement without getting guns involved," Jessican Johnson, who also knew her, says.

WKU students are shocked after hearing about the death of their classmate.

"I met Cheryl here at school and we just became closer and closer," Marquis Scott says.

He says he was Cheryl's friend.

"She knew exactly what she wanted, and she knew she was close to her dream which was to graduate. After graduation she wanted to become big and glamorous," he says.

Williamson was a fashion major.

Friends say she made many of her own clothes, headbands and jewelry.

A professor says Williamson was expected to graduate in May, but that was cut short when she was shot at a party in Louisville Sunday morning around 3:30.

"It's disturbing and I think that it's just like something that's not understandable of why you know things like that happen, especially to nice people so soon. She had so much promise," Marquis says.

Police say Williamson was driven in a personal vehicle to the University of Louisville Hospital, where she later died in surgery just two hours later at 5:30 AM.

"It's just so sad. So, I just hope that everyone remembers Cheryl as she was. She was nice. She was loving. A girl who wanted it so much. And it was just unfortunate."

Marquis says he will always remember Cheryl for her smile, "She was just always loving, caring."

Police do not have any suspects in the case.

If you have any information, Louisville Metro Police are asking you to call 502-574-LMPD.

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