WKU Tracking Energy Usage

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Energy costs can be high so WKU is letting its students know just how much they're using. The school's new energy kiosk allows a real time view o electrical and carbon dioxide emissions coming from each building on campus. The web site shows energy usage in traditional measurements, as well as showing it in comparison to other things, Like "How many pieces of toast could be cooked with the energy saved."

"We want to share that information. We think that it's important that our students understand energy use and what it means, and what it costs. Not just financially, but also environmentally. The kiosk has some really great information on it." said Sustainability Coordinator, Christian Ryan-Downing

The kiosk is currently being used to track energy conservation in a state-wide contest against other universities such as the University of Kentucky and University of Louisville. WKU is currently in first place. The competition ends April 12.

For a link to view the kiosk look below.

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