WKU Works With Library In Glasgow

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It's never too early to start. That's the mindset a group of Barren County students had Saturday in Glasgow as they took part in Super Saturday at Mary wood Weldon Memorial Library hosted by WKU's Center for Gifted Studies. WKU's Skyteach program set up an engineering exercise for the students to test their knowledge.

"Skyteach is a program that works to train science and mathematics teachers at WKU but one of our program goals is to do outreach in science and mathematics throughout the greater communities that WKU serves." said Martha Day of Skyteach)

The experiment consisted of making a windmill and then checking how efficiently it worked by adding weight to the axis to see just how much it could lift.

"One of the things that the National Science Teachers Association is focusing on is infusing engineering content into lessons that are taught to children in science and math." added Day.

Also at the library is a temporary exhibit that only seven other libraries in the United States can say they are currently housing.

"The exhibit is "Discovertech Engineers Make A World Of Difference". The emphasis is on the fourteen grand challenges of engineering." commented Marthanell Thomas of the Mary Wood Weldon Memorial Library.

All that's taking place at the library is just a testament to the community for which it serves.

"i can't even name all the people that have helped us in getting this exhibit here. The Friends of the Library have been very supportive providing volunteers because we are a small library and number of staff wise." added Thomas.

So when you're thinking about heading to the library don't just think about books, because if you go, you may just find a whole lot more.

The experiment you saw there was made into a competition to see how much weight the windmill could pick up until it stopped. The winning project got sixteen.

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