WKU to Build New Honors College and International Center

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A new state agency bond plan will give six public Universities in Kentucky the means to fund renovation and construction projects, and one of them is WKU.

Right now this small building that was once a house is home the WKU's Honors College and this one belongs to the International Center.
Within two years, they will share a new, much larger home.

"Both the honors college and internationalizing the w-k-u experience are among the universities highest priorities," said WKU President Gary Ransdell.

The new building will bring together two programs that will benefit from each other.

"In alot of ways, the world is going to be on campus with them. Students form all over the world are going to be sharing the same building. I think it really integrates two important aspects of what WKU stresses," said Clay Motley Honors College Assoc. Director.

"If we create an environment where they interact, and they happen to on a regular basis, I'm hoping that stronger relationships will develop between our WKU student, our domestic and international students, because they're both WKU students," said Andrea Cheney International Center Coordinator.

Ransdell says the school has been planning this project for two years, and they're ready to get started.

"Those things are happening simultaneously so when the state does authorize the issuing of the bond, we're pretty far down the road in property acquisition and building design so when the bond is issued, probably in late fall of 2013, we're ready to break ground on the building," said Ransdell.

Ransdell says international student tuition and fees will help generate revenue for the university to pay off their bond.

President Ransdell says he hopes to have the bonds authorized by late fall and wants to break ground immediately, and open for students within 18 months.

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