Follow-Up: Clean Up Continues After Fire At Wagon Wheel In Scottsville

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A fire at Wagon Wheel Enterprises and Auction House is one of the largest fires Scottsville Mayor Rob Cline has ever seen.

"We have lost a great historical part of our city here yesterday. Years ago it was originally an ice house. I don't remember when the Wagon Wheel came but I am going to say it was in the 50s," says Mayor Cline.

While it was a historical landmark, it was a home to owner Glen Taylor, and place of business for one local man.

"My wife that have passed away with cancer some of her stuff was stored back there and of course her kids pictures and stuff like that I mean its just all gone," says Jerry Whitney.

Whitney leased a portion of the property for his auction business and was inside when the fire broke out preparing for a sale that was scheduled for Friday.

"Well we were loading some chairs up and someone said they see some flames in there. It was just a fire that was no bigger than three or four foot. You can see my hands I tried to take and pull the flames on the concrete to try and get it out," says Whitney.

But the fire didn't go out. Smoldering wood and mangled metal are all that remain. Those inside working at the time say the old structure didn't stand a chance.

"It was gone. When they got here it was completely gone. With the building so old I just think it was gone," says Crystal Reece who was also inside at the time of the fire.

Jerry Whitney hopes to open his business elsewhere. For now he and his employees are left with nothing but memories.

The cause of the fire in still under investigation. There were no injuries in the blaze. One other structure, a nearby home, had its siding melted from the intense heat from the fire.

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