Warm Welcome for Sun Belt Tournament Champs

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Hilltopper fans welcomed home their Sun Belt Conference tournament champions today. Many fans gathered at Diddle Arena to show their support as the team arrived.

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"I'm so glad to be champions again. We're going to the NCAA Tournament," said WKU fan Dakota Crain.
"I'm kind of excited about this tournament. My brother actually goes to Western, and he always watches every Western game," said WKU fan Lexi Rodriguez.

WKU forward George Fant's mother says it meant alot to see so many fans come out to support her son's team.

"I was excited to see everybody out on a work day. I was excited to see everybody travel down to Arkansas. It's just that Western spirit," said Fant.

That spirit is what one long-time fan says lead the team to win four games in four days.

"It's never been done before, never be done again, and it's because our team just never did quit. They just kept playing," said "Mr. Western" Lee Robertson.

Robertson says last night's 65 to 63 win was almost too close to handle.

"I almost tore my sofa down last night. I kept kicking it around, but in the end it was just really great, and momma Joyce said has said we're going to the next one wherever they play," said Robertson.

Where they will play is something fans will have to wait for selection Sunday to find out. A selection show viewing party will take place at Diddle Arena this Sunday. Doors will open at 4p.m. and the show will begin at 5.

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