Warmer Weather Brings Traffic to Car Washes

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Temperatures are rising and customers are lining up at car washes .

"This time of year, with all of the weather we've been having and all the salt on the roads, it is very important to come in and get your vehicle washed. The salt itself can rust and erode the underside of the vehicle and could also take away from the paint job," said Tony Wells, Water Works Manager.

Water Works is preparing for a weekend packed with customers. The salt might not be off the roads completely, but a big portion of it will be taken off cars.

"In the back is where they really get the salt off. They use a special soap, color shine through the tunnel, hot waxes and stuff that really eats that salt off of cars. It really does do a good job. They come out and they're pretty clean," said Corey Aviles, Water Works employee.

Water Works is popular for auto detailing in minutes. Washers have a special method to get customers in and out. It starts with a crew vacuuming the interior and prepping the car to ride through the tunnel.

"Our driver goes on in and catches the car. He sprays all the windows, he wipes the front windshield and the drivers side windows. We have a window helper. He gets the back windshield and the passenger side windows. The tire guys mainly deal with the armor all on the tires. The wipers wipe down the outside of the vehicle, the windows, the door jams and all that. Then you're good to go,” said Corey Aviles, Water Works employee.

With the weather clearing up, the car wash has already seen a flood of customers.

"We were pretty slammed this morning. People come in here, they pile on in they don't really care. We try to get them through as fast as we can," said Corey Aviles, Water Works employee.

"This winter has been rough on us all. We are ready for t-shirt and shorts weather," said Tony Wells, Water Works Manager.

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