Warren County Agencies Adapt To Budget Cuts

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Across the board, Warren County agencies are being asked to make budget cuts. Public Works Director, Mac Yowell offered to retire in a Fiscal Court meeting Tuesday, slimming his role down to a part time position.

"The key thing about me offering to retire was that I can retire and save the county about $30,000 in what are the fringe benefits." said Yowell.

The big cut from Public Works will be seen in the Road Department, which could include less trucks on the road preparing for winter weather. Warren County Jailer, Jackie Strode is also doing whatever he can to control the potential damage threatening due to the cuts.

"We purchased a small 4-cylinder SUV. I was already paying the gas on that vehicle. What I presented to the court yesterday (Tuesday). If they could find another agency that would buy it, I would be glad to give it up and take that money and put it back in our budget." commented Strode.

Each department head is working together, deciding what options they can utilize together to make the best out of a bad situation.

"I've talked with several of them and I think what we've done. We've made deep cuts. We've been told that our employees will not be getting raises. That will effect the turnover rate." added Strode.

Despite the grim outlook of the year's budget don't expect any of the agencies here in warren county to make any excuses.

"That's what we're here for. To provide that service. We intend to do it to the best of our ability." said Mac Yowell, whose department is facing more than $500,000 in budget cuts.

The Warren County Regional Jail has already eliminated two positions. Any decision to cut the budget of any agency in Warren County is a tough one for the Magistrates, but 5th District Magistrate Terry W. Young said he just does his best to listen to his constituents.

"At the end of the day, make a vote that the people of the (Warren County) Fifth District want. I've been very comfortable in my last two tax votes." said Young.

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