Warren County Aquatics Facility Offers New Programs Through Bluegrass Outpatient

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Bowling Green, Ky - Just a few months ago, Bowling Green was concerned one of its pools would be forced to close. Now it's back, and offering new opportunities for the community.

Since partnering with Commonwealth Health Corporation, the Warren County Aquatic Facility offers more programs beyond recreation.

One woman came here to swim, because it helped her arthritis. Now she's working with one of Bluegrass Outpatient Center's physical therapists using a program designed just for her.

"When I'm walking in the water, I'm using every muscle in my body, and that's the strengthening the water does, and she said it's low impact on the bones," said Bluegrass Outpatient Center Therapy patient Lelia Willis.

One physical therapist says aqua therapy is easier on many of her patients.

"The pool in general is good for patients who need less weight on their joints. Maybe they have chronic pain or they just don't tolerate traditional therapy very well," said Bluegrass Outpatient Physical therapist Sarah Coats.

Bluegrass Outpatient Center already had one pool, but this facility offers more space for more patients.

"We have access to a chair lift that's handicap accessible. This pool allows us to see patients who are pediatric form the hospital, and we're also able to see patients who are prenatal or obese and maybe don't tolerate the heat very well, and patients with Multiple Sclerosis," said Coats.

For patients like Willis, who once struggled to walk up and down stairs, this alternative to traditional therapy seems to be working.

"I've always just taken one step... put my feet together, and taken another step, but now I can take both steps with my left and right leg and I don't have the pain that I had, and it feels a little stronger," said Willis.

That's strength she says she gains a little more of with each stroke in the water. Coats says the Bluegrass Outpatient Center screens people for free to determine what type of therapy fits each patient.

To learn more about their services, see the related link below.

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