Warren County Aquatics Facility Offers Several New Opportunities to Swimmers

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"The corporate support that we've gotten from our partner CHC (Commonwealth Health Corporation) and the Medical Center, we're going to be able to do it for a year and hopefully if it's successful, I'm hopeful we'll be able to sustain the operation for 36 months," says Warren County Parks and Recreation Director, Chris Kummer.

Kummer expects to have a positive outlook for the aquatics facility from here on out.

The Medical Center will be providing outpatient therapy in the water throughout the week through Bluegrass Outpatient, and the pool's other partner, Community Education will be providing recreation classes like zumba and water aerobics.

"Community Education works with both school districts and Warren County Fiscal Court to serve the community and of course Warren County Parks and Rec is apart of fiscal court. The pool is apart of Warren County School Districts so it made sense that we get involved and help out in any way that we could," says Community Education Executive Director, Debi Wade Jordan.

The pool will also be offering new memberships here shortly.

Swimmers can purchase an annual membership for $325 or purchase a specific number of visits at a time. The cost depends on how many visits you purchase.

"It's nice to look back and say hey, you know, we're probably in better shape now than we were you know six months ago because we are going to be able to provide programs that we were never going to be able to provide for before," Kummer says.

Several swimmers are grateful someone came through to help the pool, including the Bowling Green Special Olympics swim team, the Paranas.

"It's a great opportunity to get more practices in because we do need the practices and stuff. Without this pool there would be no practices and then there would be no swim team," says swimmer Kelly King.

"We've got continuity. We know where we are going to practice. We know that we are going to have lifeguards. We know that we are going to be here, the same time everytime we come to practice," says coach, Doris Miller.

The Medical Center starts therapy sessions on Monday, and Community Education starts recreation classes in June.

The pool has presented Warren County Parks and Recreation other opportunities to partner with local groups.

Kummer says this will further help them budget their money.

He plans to announce those partners in the next few weeks.

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