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The Warren County School Board's decision to no longer allow some non-resident students to attend Bowling Green Independent Schools with state funding is still stirring up controversy, with the city schools looking at appealing that decision to the Kentucky Commissioner of Education.

Tonight the county school board met in a special meeting to discuss possible litigation.

We just hope through this process that some agreement can be reached similar to what was reached in 2001, or something along those lines where some of the actions that have been contemplated judicially don't have to be taken," said concerned parent Chris Davenport.

During tonight's meeting, just before the board was about to go into their executive closed session to discuss litigation, we asked the board chairman before a room of Bowling Green parents, if they would be willing to reconsider their decision on the non-resident agreement.

"I appreciate everyone coming tonight to show support for what they believe in, now we have a job to do as a Warren County School Board. There is a possible litigation we have to discuss tonight, and that's what we're going to discuss. As far as being able to make a comment about anything else that may go along with that, we can't because of a possible lawsuit," said Warren County Board of Education Chairman Kerry Young.

Some of the parents at tonight's meeting say they had questions, and wish the decision weren't so sudden.

"They never gave us any information that this decision was coming, and have never done anything to help us through the decision that was made... we can't pick up our house and move in four months. If this were a phase in period where we could have two or three years to react, we could make our decision of what's best for our family," said concerned parent Mark Schafer.

Some of those questions they still have yet to get answers to tonight, they're hoping can be addressed in next week's May 21st meeting in Greenwood High school's auditorium.

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