Warren County-Bowling Green School Attorneys Discuss Contract

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In 2001, a similar dispute divided Warren County, but in the end each side was able to come to an agreement. An agreement Bowling Green Independent Schools says has been broken. Both school systems signed the agreement back in 2001. The document states that after 2002, the superintendents of each district will meet and agree upon a number of non-resident students that will be approved by Warren County Schools. However, when the the recent decision was made by the county school system, the city schools say they first heard about it through the media.

"The (Bowling Green) city school's position is certainly that Warren County has not fulfilled its obligations under the agreement. The agreement was to be an ongoing agreement. It does not have an ending term." said Regina Jackson, Attorney for Bowling Green Independent Schools.

Legal counsel for Warren County Schools says they believe the agreement has seen modifications since 2001.

"The subsequent superintendent modified that for a few years which eliminated the growth factor going with the contract and they've operated that way for some years." commented Bart Darrell, Attorney for Warren County Schools.

The Bowling Green Independent Board of Education has recently authorized an appeal process to the State Commissioner of Education.

"It is assigned to a hearing officer and a public hearing will be held where both sides will have an opportunity to give their side. The hearing officer will then make a recommendation to the commissioner who can follow that recommendation or amend it if he chooses." said Kentucky Department of Education Spokeswoman Nancy Rodriguez.

Once an appeal is filed the commissioner has 30 days to make a decision though both sides can ask for an extension. Once the decision is made each side has the chance to appeal, and then it would be brought in front of the State Board of Education. An official with the Bowling Green Independent School system says they hope to schedule a meeting between the two superintendents by the end of the week.

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