Warren County Budget Cuts Force Tough Decisions

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The Warren County Parks Department is just one of the agencies doing whatever they can, to meet the budget cuts necessary for the current year.

"We're having to cut out about 14 percent of our budget, for the next 12 months and that equates to about $232,000," comments Chris Kummer, Executive Director of Warren County Parks.

Those cuts include selling the Delafield Community Center and getting rid of Hadley Ballpark.

Perhaps the most controversial decision is the one made to discontinue public service at the Warren County Academics and Aquatics Center.

"No one wants to close that pool. It was weighed by the Fiscal Court as the facility and the program who has the fewest number of people who utilize it," commented Warren County Judge-Executive, Mike Buchanon.

The Warren County Public School System owns the facility but the Warren County Parks Department runs the daily operations along with other programs at the pool.

The current plan will close county services at the facility, making it's primary use for high school swim meets and practices.

"We've never had an advertising budget for the pool. A lot of what we've done in the past is we go to chili suppers, schools, different public functions, health and wellness days at corporations. We've tried to market it that way," added Kummer.

"We've spent hundreds of hours looking at the best of the worst alternatives for cutting the budget. Every cut is painful," said Buchanon.

Nearly 30 people made their opinions known and had their voices heard Tuesday in Fiscal Court.

It was very evident that service at the pool won't go away without a fight. The Warren County Parks Department is currently seeking corporate sponsors to help generate the $178,000 they need to save the pool.

They have until February 15th to raise the funds or the pool will close.

If you'd like more information on the swimming pool you can click on the link below this story.

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