Warren County Clerk Employee Terminated After Filing To Run For Office

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Evesta "Yankee" Brown worked in the Warren County Clerk's Office for 28 years, but it was her move to run for the position, that's left her jobless.

"I felt like it was just politics and Dot (Owens) did what she needed to do. It was her policy." said Brown.

Brown said before she filed her papers to run for County Clerk she sought out Owens to notify her of her intentions. Brown said Owens responded by telling her that a bid for office would also serve as a termination.

"I didn't fire her. She knew that when she filed for office, we discussed that some time back that she wouldn't be employed there anymore." commented Warren County Clerk, Dorothy "Dot" Owens.

Brown said she had been contemplating resigning from her former position when thinking of running for office. She adds the move made by Owens doesn't change the respect she has for her.

"I don't have any hard feelings for anybody."

County Attorney Amy Milliken said the termination of Brown isn't unique, and is actually protected by law. It's called the "Viper In The Nest" doctrine, and a similar situation happened in another Kentucky county when a deputy filed to run for Sheriff. Though both women say the move was probably best for the office, they admit it may turn up the heat on the election race.

"It opens a whole new can of worms. Good and bad. Some people are going to side with Yankee, and feel sorry for her. Some people are probably going to think I was a tyrant, which I am not. I'm very good to my employees. You can ask any of the employees and they can all tell you that I am a good employer." added Owens.

The voters will have the ultimate say during next year's November elections.

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