Warren County Fire Department Taking a Hard Hit After Budget Cuts

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A combination of increasing gas prices and a budget cut are affecting the Warren County Fire Department.

The county cut $45,000 from the Fire Department's nearly $450,000.

Woodburn Fire Chief Bob Skipper says the county fire department was expecting to get five new trucks, but can't because of the cuts.

Skipper says their budget has not increased in ten years, even as the county grows and fuel costs continue to go up.

"The income has not kept up with the expenses. If you look at what a gallon of gas costs now compared to ten years ago you could understand why trying to operate on the same income for ten years has caused most of us to dip into reserves that we might have," he says.

Skipper says the the fire department spends about $16,000 dollars annually for fuel.

The County Fire Department is in danger of losing a capital projects fund meant to add more fire stations in Warren County.

Skipper says the county needs seven more fire stations within the county.

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