Warren County Housing Boom Impacts Business

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A housing boom has hit Warren County. Officials say building permits are up which has brought a ripple affect to area home suppliers. Home Source Direct says customers have become more confident after the housing crisis two years ago.

"People were still coming in but it was purchases they were making very cautiously. I think people are a little bit more optimistic now and the economy has improved slightly," says store owner Beverly Dalton.

Flooring, cabinets and counter tops are most popular. While business is up, Super Home Surplus says it's more homeowners than contractors coming through the door.

"We do get a lot of their customers. They come in and say hey, such and such sent us to you to see what you have. That tells us right there this contractor knows about us, he's depending on us and we can work with him. So we do get a good mix," says store manager Lucas Haile.

The increase in sales doesn't stop with home suppliers. Once a home is built, it must be filled with furniture. Thornton Furniture says more new homes mean more customers looking to decorate.

"We've seen a lot of customers building new homes. In addition we have a lot of remodels or people that are just refreshing certain rooms. In 2009, 2010 we began to see a slow down or a bottom. Of course we are glad to see a significant rise," says Vice President and General Manager, Ben Thornton.

Area businesses say more confident customers are also drawn in because of increased price cuts.

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