Warren County Judge-Exec Primary All about Money

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The race for Warren County Judge-Executive is all about time and money.

Long time incumbent Judge Mike Buchanon is seeking another term, while Tea Party challenger Alan Blythe is out to take his seat.

"I don't think anyone needs to stay any longer in any particular office more than 12 years, 8-12 years is enough. So, I do believe in term limits. 20 years is too long, you should be able to do what you need to do in that amount of time. It's time for somebody else to step in and take over," said Alan Blythe, Republican candidate for Judge-Executive.

Blythe said he wants things to be more open by changing meeting times, but also by paying down debt.

"When you look at the budget, it's kind of vague. We have a lot of debt bonds that are out from anywhere from 10-30 years on out. Right now, I don't see a plan with Warren County to pay off that debt. That's one thing I want to do once elected is to audit our county to find exactly where all of our money is going," said Blythe.

However, Buchanon said Warren County is audited every year and the audit is publicly available.

"The criticisms that comes from my opponent and from other people are the lack of understanding about spending and what our indebtedness is. Our indebtedness is less than 1% of our property values," said Judge Mike Buchanon, Republican candidate for Judge-Executive.

Buchanon said he's managed the county responsibly in a difficult time.

"Our real estate property tax rate has been constant. We've totally frozen it at 14.5% the last four years. There have been no increases, but in fact in our personal property tax rates, we've actually lowered those in three of the last four years while we've been dealing with a downturn in the economy," said Buchanon.

In this race it's clear, fiscal responsibility is a top issue.

The primary election is Tuesday May 20th and there is no other challenger in this race, so whoever wins will likely be Judge-Executive.

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