Warren County Keeping up with Law Enforcement Advancement

Police Squad Car Lights

It's known as the DOD program, or Department of Defense grants.

"The recent Kentucky Sheriff's convention that I just attended in Louisville, there was a lot of talk about that program. There's actually a lot of sheriff's all over the state that's gotten things from that program," said Warren County Chief Deputy Tommy Smith.

Lincoln county got humvees as a result of the DOD program, and Warren county may not be getting army surplus vehicles, but they've gotten a lot over the past four years.

"We have gotten about $670,000 worth of grants from different agencies. Federal highway safety grant, home and security money, there's a list of about eight or nine different groups we've gotten money from," said Smith.

Warren County sheriff has gotten through grants new video cameras for the cars, tasers, and patrol rifles.

The reason, these are becoming more popular, the sheriffs department said it's the times.

"You know the economy effects us as well as everyone else, and it's a way to save way money. It's a way to get important assets that maybe you couldn't get otherwise," said Smith.

But the main goal in all of this is to stay up to date and to keep the people safe.

"We're a 24 hour, seven days a week, full service agency. We have somebody out all the time, and I would think the citizens would want us equipped with the most high-tech stuff that we can have to help us keep them safe and our people safe also," said Smith.

The Warren County Sheriff Department is now looking at getting a new computer aided dispatch system that will help deputies out in the field.

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