Warren County Kicks Off Broadband Initiative

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High speed internet will be coming to Warren County within the next year, even to those who live in rural areas, thanks to a partnership with Connect Kentucky.

"We want to make sure that every single household in Warren County has access to affordable high speed internet. It becomes more and more important everyday. It's not just about exchanging e-mails anymore," says Warren County Judge Executive Mike Buchanon.

The importance of broadband has already been seen in Bowling Green with free WiFi Downtown and at some parks. But Buchanon says the entire county should have high speed internet for future economic development and as a teaching tool for children.

"It's a bad thing when two children can sit across the aisle from each other in one school and one gets their homework done in 15 minutes and the other one spends the entire night because they don't have high speed internet," says Buchanon.

To make sure more of us who need internet have access Connect Kentucky has donated 42 computers to organizations who need them the most, like the Boys and Girls Club, who have already put the computers to good use.

"Some of the students we have here at the club do not have access to computers at their house. It also enables us to do our programs. One of our main focuses at Boys and Girls Club is academic success," says Executive Director Pam McIntyre.

Without Connect Kentucky, the Boys and Girls Club says they would not have enough computers. As a organization that relies on donations they are very thankful.

"We are at the mercy of donations and whether it be cash donations or any kind of donations like computers it means a lot to us here," says McIntyre.

Mike Buchanon says the "broadband initiative" that will take place over the next year is being paid for through private funds.

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