Weekends Heavy Rains Impact Local Crops

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Remains from heavy rains over the weekend are still visible in some area fields. Planted crops have now turned to mud. With corn already germinating farmers are being forced to start from scratch.

"With the rain this weekend that we got we are looking at some that is possible going to have to be replanted," says farmer Tim Westbrook.

The Warren County Cooperative Extension monitors planting throughout the county. They say turning over a new leaf has quite the price tag.

"It definitely is an expensive thing. Unfortunately sometimes it is a normal thing. We have some low lying areas in the county where if we receive that much rain and the corn is already up a lot of times we will have to re-plant," says Joanna Coles from the Warren County Cooperative Extension.

The mud has forced farm equipment to sit still. The state currently has 24% of its corn planted. With May less than a day away farmers are hopeful for more sun.

"Overall we are doing well it's just the calendar tells us we should be planting right now. We have a lot of farmers who are really anxious to get that completed," says Coles.

The wet start isn't all bad news. Tim Westbrook says it's a far cry from last season where the onset of a record drought was beginning to take hold.

"We would rather have the rain in the early spring so that we won't come out like we did last year. It was pretty devastating. Our early corn we was probably in the 30 or 40 bushel range," says Westbrook.

Other than the heavy rains over the weekend Westbrook says he has been pleased with the growing season so far.

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