Warren County Polling Places See Big Changes

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- One Warren County employer has it's work cut out for it starting early Tuesday.

"We will be here in the office at five in the morning. I would say we'll probably leave nine-ish, or ten o'clock tomorrow night. It's going to be a very long day. Probably a very busy day," laughed Chief Deputy County Clerk of Warren County, Sheila Dismon.

Phone calls are flooding into the Warren County Clerk's Office the day before the primary elections. Those wanting their voices heard are double checking some big changes being made.

Due to the redistricting there's almost double the precincts in Warren County this year, compared to year's past. Meaning, voters can have their voices heard closer to home.

"We've gone from 64 polling places to 121," added Dismon.

"There was a time we waited almost an hour. It will be a lot more pleasant to have shorter lines," said voter Therese Ryan.

Though tomorrow will only decide primary elections, voters feel it's still important to get out and cast your ballot.

"It doesn't matter really who everybody votes for. You really need to make your voice heard," commented voter Bob Boyden.

Despite that feeling of importance the Warren County Clerk's Office expects the turnout to only be a fraction of registered voters.

"Primaries are not usually as big as the general (election). But, we are expecting somewhere around a 25%," said Dismon.

The percentage may not be huge, but the power of the votes could be.

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