Warren County Public Schools Superintendent Finalist: Allen Barber

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Warren County Public Schools is narrowing down their search for the next superintendent. One of the three finalists was in town today for his interview, and while here he was able to tour the district and meet and speak with staff members.

Allen Barber is a graduate of Warren Central High School and WKU, so becoming the superintendent of Warren County Public Schools would be much like coming home. He says his first priority here would be ensuring every school has the same resources and expectations.

"The same expectations at every school. As a parent when you move here, you want to be confident that whichever school your student attends is a high quality school," said Warren County Public Schools Superintendent Finalist Allen Barber.

When it comes to tackling the recent non-resident student agreement issue between the city and county schools, Barber says, "I think as a superintendent, what I'd like to do is bridge that gap. There's got to be wide open communication between Mr. Tinus and myself. I've heard he's a fantastic leader and I think what's good for Bowling Green Independent Schools is good for Warren County Public Schools."

Barber has worked in education for 21 years, as an administrator for seven, and is currently the Human Resources Director in Jackson County District 9 in Eagle Point, Oregon.

"What I've learned through our time in the Eagle Point District, I'm ready to move on and take that to a larger district," said Barber.

There is one unique feature just installed in one of his schools in Oregon that Barber says he'd like to see more of everywhere, technology to keep classrooms safe.

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