Warren County Public Schools Superintendent Finalist: Dr. Franzy Fleck

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The second of three finalists for the Warren County Public Schools Superintendent position, Dr. Franzy Fleck, was in town today for his formal interview today.

He is currently the superintendent of District 111 in Burbank, IL, just outside Chicago, and he hadn't planned on leaving, but he says the position in Warren County became to tempting to turn away.

"The more I looked at the district, and the more I had family and friends talking to me... they've got alot of good things going on here, and everyone wants to be part of a great, winning team," said superintendent finalist Dr. Franzy Fleck.

That optimism is one of the traits he says those who work with him have come to know him for.

"I'm an idea man. I'm always thinking outside the box about how we can do things. My three strengths are: analytically... I can break things down and I'm very strategic about how I use people, and the last quality they always talk about is I'm a ranger. I'm always looking at the assets, the people, and how we can put the people into the right situations where they can always be successful," said Fleck.

Another thing he stresses is making connections within a community that can help provide an environment for student growth and success.

"The things we always have to look at in a school community is schools don't have to do it all. Let's look at the resources we have, and get those people who want to be involved and help our kids," said Fleck.

Fleck has 24 years of experience in education as a teacher, principal and superintendent, and hopes he can bring what he's learned to Warren County.

Fleck will have a formal interview Tuesday evening, and the last of the three finalists, Rob Clayton, will be touring and interviewing tomorrow. We'll have more details on his visit then.

The school board is set to choose a superintendent by the end of June.

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