Warren County Public Schools Superintendent Finalist: Rob Clayton

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Rob Clayton the third and final candidate for the Warren County Public Schools Superintendent position was in Bowling Green today for his formal interview. While in town, he met with staff and toured facilities.

He's the principal at South Oldham Middle School in Crestwood Ky., and he says he's ready to take his leadership to a new level, and why Warren County?

"Why not? I've been extremely impressed with the entire community from a professional standpoint in terms of me being a superintendent, but then also what the community offers for my family," said superintendent finalist Rob Clayton.

With 20 years experience in education, he's played every role from teacher to coach, to principal, and says as superintendent, he wants every classroom in the district to be as good as its best classroom. He believes the path to doing that is sitting down and listening to educators, students and the community.

"It'll be no agenda, just a pen and paper and notepad, and I will ask everyone that is available to share their input. I want to know what the perception of our school system is. I want to know what challenges our parents... our teachers," said Clayton.

He hopes his communication and leadership will lead the district though what he says is one of the most difficult eras of education reform in Kentucky.

"Never in the history of Kentucky Education have we been in a more challenging environment in terms of the diversity of our kids, but also in accountability measures. I will tell you as a parent of three kids, accountability is what we need for our students. Accountability is what we need for our administrators, our teachers and certainly our superintendent," said Clayton.

Clayton says he already knows how to meet those standards in Kentucky, having success at South Oldham Middle School, and wants to bring that success to every school in Warren County.

Clayton had a formal interview with the school board tonight. Dr. Franzy Fleck and Allen Barber are the other two remaining finalists. The board is set to make their decision by the end of June.

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