Warren County School Board Meeting to Address Non-Resident Student Agreement

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The non resident student agreement between Warren County Public Schools and Bowling Green Independent Schools sparked plenty of controversy earlier this year for students, parents and employees of both systems.

Warren County's school board will begin to address next year's non-resident agreement tonight at their school board meeting.

Many Bowling Green parents and students were relieved after the Kentucky Commissioner of Education affirmed his hearing officer's decision to allow 750 Warren County residents to attend Bowling Green schools this year. Now all eyes are on the next contract, which Warren County's school board will address tonight. Their superintendent says they should consider three main factors.

"Is the agreement fair and equitable for all kids? Secondly, is the target number a number in which both school districts can adhere to, and thirdly, that target number is reached gradually," said Warren County Public Schools Superintendent Rob Clayton.

Clayton says he has been in discussions with Bowling Green Independent Schools Superintendent Joe Tinius to negotiate a mutual agreement, but he says they were unable to do so. Clayton says they agreed the next step would be to allow each board to draft a recommendation to be approved by the other board.

"Bowling Green Independent will have an opportunity to look at that and either accept that agreement or provide their own. In the event neither school district is able to come up with an agreement, then the process may lead to mediation," said Clayton.

According to the hearing officer for the commissioner of education's ruling, the two districts have until April to come to a new agreement, but Clayton says he and Tinius plan to seek mediation prior to that time if it is needed. Superintendent Tinius did not have any comments at this time regarding the upcoming agreement.

Clayton also says his board intends for the agreement to only impact students who will enroll in Bowling Green schools in the future, not the ones currently attending, or their younger siblings who may enroll in the future.

The meeting will be held at the board of education at 7p.m. If more space is needed, it will be moved next door to Briarwood Elementary. The meeting is open to the public, but per the rules of special meetings, there is no planned time for public comment.

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