Warren County Schools 212 Academy Begins

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More than 150 fifth and sixth graders from Warren County Schools will participate in this year's 212 Academy.

The program is for students gifted in math and science, and teaches them about science, technology, engineering and math with a hands on approach. Today was the first day for students at the Warren County Aquatic Center, and although it's hot outside, they began their day making snow.

"In one room, we're making it snow, and in the other room, we're at the beach. We've got magic sand, moon sand, and regular sand, all three of which react differently to water. Seeing what kind of observations they can make, and thinking like a scientist, not just the wonder and excitement of it all, but what is happening, what do I see, what do I notice, and what experiments would I like to do," said 212 Academy Instructor Jennifer Sheffield.

Students will continue participating in the classes once a week for the entire school year.

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