Warren County Schools React to Bowling Green's Plans to File Cross Appeal

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- While Warren County's School board has not yet received the cross appeal, their attorney says they're already preparing for it.

When Warren County's school board decided to appeal to the commissioner of education in February they waived the right to a hearing by requesting the commissioner rule that all non-resident students already enrolled and their siblings be allowed to attend out of district with seek funds. Their superintendent said they did so in an attempt to expedite the process. Now, with a cross appeal coming from the city, things could change a bit.

"Our appeal sought to have the currently enrolled students and their siblings permitted to attend the district they were already enrolled in for the upcoming year. Based on that narrow question, we waived our right to an appeal. Obviously with the Bowling Green Board of Education filing a cross appeal, that could open up some new issues that might require a hearing in our opinion as well," said Warren County School Board Superintendent.

Bowling Green's superintendent told us today, their cross appeal deal requests some non-residents that have not yet enrolled still have a chance to for the upcoming school year.

"I just think there are going to be more issues that are presented with both the appeal and the counter appeal that are pending, and we're going to need to be able to present evidence to address all of those issues," said Porter.

Much like Bowling Green, Porter says Warren County still hopes to have the dispute resolved soon.

"That's still the goal even though there is now a cross appeal, I think everyone involved hopes to expedite the process to be able to give some families stability and some sort of answer before the end of the school year," said Porter.

Porter says the next step will be scheduling hearing dates. He says Bowling Green attorney Mike Wilson has been assigned as the hearing officer for the second time. Wilson presided over last summer's hearing regarding the same issue.

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