Warren County Schools May Face Repercussions After Court

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Cameron Lebedinsky is just one of many people who say they were not allowed into the meeting due to the large number of people hoping to attend. Lebedinsky made the appeal to Attorney General Jack Conway, saying the school board knew a lot of interested people would be attending. Conway's office ruled in Lebedinsky's favor saying the board should have "made reasonable efforts to conduct its meeting in a place convenient to the public." Though the Attorney General's office has the power to decide if the law has been broken, the ruling must now go through Circuit Court before there are any possible repercussions.

"They can go to Circuit Court and file a lawsuit asking the court for a remedy from the agency that violated the law. The Circuit Court, as a matter of civil law, can determine whether a remedy exists, or whether a remedy can right the wrong that happened." said Allison Martin, Communications Director for the Attorney General's Office.

The Attorney General's Office said often times in cases like this, the request made in Circuit Court is to make all actions that took place at the meeting null and void until another meeting is scheduled.

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