Warren County School's New Synergy Center

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- After donating $25,000, Meijer participated in today's ribbon cutting ceremony for a new resource facility.
The money went toward Warren County School's Synergy Center.
The center will house necessities for students and families, similar to a Family Resource Center, but on a larger scale.
Greenwood High's cheerleaders and band welcomed the center with songs and cheers, as the football team unloaded the Meijer semi-trailer into the Synergy building.
"A lot of this is going to include basic needs. For example, if we have a family who has a house fire, and they need basic items such as food, clothing or personal care items, we can get those items from this center. We can then take those back to the family. It enables us to be more specific in the services we provide," said Karen Manley, Natcher Elementary Family Resource Coordinator.
If you have questions about the new Syngery building, please contact your school's Family Resource Center.

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