Warren County Schools Reject BG Agreement; Mediator Named

WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Warren County School Board voted unanimously Monday night against an agreement presented by the Bowling Green City School Board regarding the non-resident student contract.

"It's just important that the community understands that a great deal of thought has gone into this particular situation. There has been continuous dialogue over the last few months between Mr. Tinius and I to try to develop an acceptable agreement between both school districts. Unfortunately, we're just not at the point where we can agree," said Warren County Schools Superintendent Rob Clayton.

School Officials say attorney Rick Walter of Paducah will mediate discussions between the two schools on February 8th.

Warren County would like to have hundreds of students over a period of time, but Bowling Green doesn't want to give that many up.

"Decisions are not made lightly. They are made with the best interest of the students, and I'm proud to serve on this board alongside the board members that sit before you," said Warren County School Board Member Becky Evans.

The meeting opened up for public comments, and a few people in support of Bowling Green spoke.

"While the evidence revealed, and the hearing officer concluded, that any small benefit to the Warren County Public Schools was far outweighed by the harm inflicted on the Bowling Green Independent School District by your efforts to reduce the number of allowed transfers, this board once again proposes the same heavy handed tactic of limiting school choice in our community," said Ron Sowell, concerned about Warren County's decision.

"I'm not hearing discussion about what the incremental cost is to add a student to Warren County Schools," said William Skaggs, concerned about Warren County's decision.

Many have said this about school choice, a comment to which Superintendent Clayton responded.

"You have the option to purchase property and reside in the school district that you so do choose to attend, and that option is available to all individuals in the state of Kentucky," said Clayton.

Clayton also said parents have the option to pay tuition to or become an employee of the district they want their children to attend.

So, Monday night's decision will bring more discussion on the matter.

The State Education Commissioner gave the two schools until April First to come to an agreement.

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