Warren County Schools Set To Respond To Bowling Green Proposal

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The proposal made during last night's Bowling Green Board of Education meeting is different than previous drafts. This time the proposal has a reduction of ten non-resident students a year for the next ten years allowed to attend city schools. Perhaps the biggest move made was the proposal of stripping the current acceptance system and allowing students in, on a first come, first served application basis.

"We feel like what we proposed is something that is fair to all involved and certainly falls into the category of first come, first serve. Which is what was suggested in the brief that was filed by the Warren County Board of Education following the hearing," said Bowling Green Independent Schools Superintendent, Joe Tinius.

The Warren County Board of Education has added to their agenda for a Thursday meeting. They say they plan to discuss and take action on the most recent proposal laid out by Bowling Green Independent.

"The board will have a number of options. They'll have the opportunity to either accept the agreement, offer a counter proposal, or move for a vote to vote it down," commented Warren County Public Schools Superintendent, Rob Clayton.

If the county school board does decide to vote down the requested agreement, then that leaves the door open for the city school district to appeal to the Commissioner of Education in Frankfort.

"All options are still on the table. We'd prefer not to go the route of an appeal but it certainly hasn't been removed from the table," added Tinius.

That route could potentially lead to a court-style hearing just like the one between the two districts last July.

The current proposal allows siblings to be admitted as new students if their brother or sister already attends the city schools. Of the remaining spots filled every year, 60% of those will go to Kindergartners, while the remaining 40% will go to students in 1st through 12th grades.

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