Warren County Schools Submit Appeal to Commissioner of Education

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Warren County School Board has submitted their appeal to the Kentucky Commissioner of Education regarding the non-resident student agreement with Bowling Green Independent Schools.

Warren County Superintendent Rob Clayton said after weeks of mediation with Bowling Green Independent's school board, his board wanted to seek immediate intervention on behalf of the Kentucky Commissioner of Education.

"Both boards want to come to a timely resolution, and right now we're at a critical point where those families that are directly impacted need a speedy resolutions, as well as both boards," said Clayton.

The county filed their appeal yesterday, and in it they asked the commissioner to rule that state funding follow currently enrolled non-resident students and their siblings for the 2014-2015 school year.

"From the beginning, both boards have been in agreement that SEEK dollars should follow the currently enrolled non-resident students as well as their siblings, so in the appeal, we're requesting the commissioner go ahead and find that ruling. That way, those families that are directly impacted can plan," said Clayton.

The Director of Communications for the Kentucky Department of Education says once they receive the appeal, there is a process that will be followed.

"As of this morning, the Kentucky Department of Education had not received the appeal. Once we do receive it, the administrative process that's set forth in the Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapter 13 B would kick in. A hearing officer would be appointed to preside over the appeal, and that hearing officer would contact the parties and schedule a pre-hearing conference to discuss with them how the appeal would precede from that point on," said Kentucky Dept. of Education Communications Dir. Rebecca Blessing.

Clayton says in the appeal, the county waived it's right to a hearing.

"We're waiving the right to the hearing, just to expedite the process. Eventually, it's going to end up back in the commissioner's hands, so we felt like by waiving that process, we would be able to reach a more timely decision," said Clayton.

Blessing told us this afternoon that the department of education had not received the appeal as of this morning. Bowling Green City Schools Superintendent Joe Tinius told us his board just received the appeal late yesterday afternoon and will review it, and evaluate their options with their attorneys.

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