Warren County Sheriff's Office Patrners With County Schools on New School Navigation System for First Responders

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Franklin County School Resource Officer Montey Chappell became concerned about the need for better school security long before the nation began seeing an increase in the problem, and he says he had good reason to be worried.

"Ten years ago, we only had 6 shootings in a decade. In 2012, in one year, we had 6 mass shootings. Since Sandy Hook, I quit counting at 41. I'm a father. I have children, and what if this would have been my children in there?" asked Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy Chappell.

Simple and inexpensive, using a piece of paper with numbers and letters, Chappell designed the Fast Path Hallway Navigation System to help first responders save time navigating a building they may have never seen before.

"I had a step stool, a bunch of paper and some magic markers. and I started to go around and started to figure out how we could do this, and after we had it all figured out, we tried it, and we brought the special operations section, our SWAT team, brought these guys in and had them try to mess it up, and it was something that was so simple that you couldn't really mess it up," said Dep. Chappell.

After Dep. Chappell invited other agencies to see how it works, Warren County Sheriff's Deputy Chris Shelton thought it could work here too.

"There's nothing worse than going into a building and not knowing which way I need to go. Do I need to go left or right... and hoping you guess right," said Warren County Sheriff Dep. Shelton.

In emergencies, Dep. Shelton says there's no time for guessing.

"This takes all the guesswork out of it. Your dispatchers is going to tell you which hallway you need to be going to. There's signs up that tell you if you need to go left of right, and take you directly to the problem," said Dep. Shelton.

Shelton says it could help with any problem from an active shooter, to a medical emergency or fire. With a pilot program already at Bristow Elementary, by next year, he says it will be in every Warren County School.

Warren county Schools Superintendent Rob Clayton told us today in a statement, "We are committed to ensuring the safety of our students and staff and we are appreciative of this collaboration with our Sheriff's department. This collaboration will expedite emergency response personnel's efforts to reach a specific location within each of our schools in the event of an actual emergency."

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