Warren County Sheriff's Department Trains for a New School Safety System

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Warren County Sheriff's Department and Warren County Schools are coming together to implement a new safety procedure.

Today was day one of the Fast Path Hallway Navigation System training. Deputies are learning efficient ways to navigate inside of schools after responding to dispatchers.

Each hall is represented by a numbered sign. The deputies learn how to read these signs upon first glance, allowing them to locate a potential threat.

"The system of the drill today is that they run through the scenario with no training, only knowing a room number. When they go through a second time, they're using the system with hallway numbers and fully using navigation in the school, hoping to reduce the time to respond to the threat," said Stephen Harmon, Warren County Sheriff's Department Public Information Officer.

Bristow Elementary is the first to implement this new system. The Warren County Sheriff's Department will visit the remaining schools throughout the next year.

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