Warren Weinstein Pleads for Help from United States

WASHINGTON (WBKO) -- An American abducted in Pakistan more than two years ago pleads for help from the United States in a video released by Al Qaeda yesterday.

The FBI says the United States government is trying to verify the authenticity of the video of 72-year-old Warren Weinstein, but if it is real, a close friend of Weinstein's says it's very troubling.

Laurie Wiseberg says she didn't even recognize him, and the U.S. needs to do something.

"I would just hope that they would do their utmost to see that somebody who has worked for the American government," starts Wiseberg, "He worked with USAID. He worked in an agency that has been working on development in Pakistan that was very much trying to support the poor people of Pakistan, to try to get some development in that country. I would hope, since that is what America also believes in, they would do everything possible to try to get him out of this terrible situation he is in. I think they owe it to him."

The state department says it's monitoring the situation. U.S. officials have said repeatedly that Washington won't bargain with Al Qaeda.