Warren Central Pride Day

Warren Central High School got a little bit of a make over.

Cleaning a school is not what most people want to do on a Saturday morning, but at Warren Central that's exactly what took place Saturday morning.

"We always want everyone to be proud of our school when they drive by here," said new Warren Central Principal Tina Prunty.

Only a couple months on the new job, and she's already looking for ways to improve the school.

"Well you know, when i came here, the students and staff had done a major cleaning day and done an excellent job and i looked around and thought what else can we do to enhance and build on what they've done," added Prunty.

And of course one thing lead to another.

"I called the United Way and they let us join their Day of Caring so I was like let's get it going and got over 100 people and I'm really excited about it," said Prunty.

She's not the only one who thought it was a great idea.

Brittany Flener, a sixth year teacher at the school agrees.

"All these little things around school, the painting, the cleaning, these types of things that need to be done, that would make our school beautified, we thought you know what, let's make it a volunteer type thing, and here we are," said Flener.

Students also seemed to be on board with the plan.

"I guess I'm just the kind of person to come out and help people, I mean this is my school, so I have to make it look good," said ninth grader Kierra Jones.

Even those who never attended the school, like WKU student Ashley Grimes, felt a sense of pride while helping out.

"I've only been in this school once and I know my sister, this is her first time actually seeing all the classrooms and everything so, I think a lot of people just don't know what this school has to offer," said Grimes.

So while the school gets a fresh painting and some needed cleaning, Principal Prunty is already looking at plans to do it again next year

"I look forward to this every year, so thank you all," said Prunty.

Atmos Energy as well as the United Way helped sponsor cleaning supplies and food for the volunteers.

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