Weather Leads Many to Celebrate Halloween Indoors

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) --Tonight's rain and wind may have put a damper on outdoor Halloween plans in our area, but it didn't stop people from having fun indoors.

Trick or treating may be the best part of Halloween, and a little rain and heavy wind didn't stop some from doing it tonight.

"It's Halloween and you can't just let the weather keep you down. You've got to get the kids out there and we figure well, we can bring umbrellas if it gets really bad," said trick or treating parent Kristin Leoncavallo.

Others took to the indoors for their festivities.

"We started doing trunk or treat as a safe alternative for kids, and this year we continued that tradition by having it on Halloween, because coming indoors is a safe alternative to the wind and the weather outside," said Smiths Grove Baptist Church Member Justin Pate.

Usually it would be a trunks with themes, but this year each group had a room in the church.

"Just different themes and everything. We give out candy to the kids that come in, and they can come in more than once. They'll usually get a couple pieces of candy, and they just really like our themes," said Smiths Grove Baptist Church Youth member Brett Beckham.

Speaking of themes, one little artist there won a competition at North Warren Elementary for what theme his class would carve their pumpkin.

"My vote won about the carving pumpkin... and it was an American flag," said Smiths Grove Baptist trick or treater Aden Mathius.

Over at the WKU Hill House, they had fun inside with candy, crafts and food, and some scary characters too.

"I'm wrapped up like a mummy now so here I am, wrapped up like a mummy," said one trick or treater.

Organizers say they think the weather actually brought more people to them.

"Actually the weather helped us a lot. I know a lot of people had to change their plans as far as being out and taking their children out, and so it was great for us to provide this as an alternative. It is indoors, so we're able to showcase the Hill House which is a pillar...and just a positive place here," said WKU Alive Center's Lauren Cunningham.

Whether spent indoors or out, this Halloween was still a success for many. Some area communities did choose to delay their trick or treating until tomorrow night. For more on those plans, see link to the story below.

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