Weekend Auction Featured 165 Acres of Farmland

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The estate of Dollar General Heiress Katherine Elizabeth Turner, to many known as "Betty" was auctioned off to the highest bidder yesterday.

Today many placed another bid as her farmland on the outskirts of Scottsville was also auctioned.

Each had their own reason as to why they wanted a piece of what's known as the most beautiful land in South Central Kentucky.

So let the bidding begin.

Many showed up at the auction this morning to claim a piece of the 165 acres of cattle farmland that was offered in seven separate tracts.

Betty creatively named the land "More to Moe".

"Those in the farming industry would have this for their cattle operations or hay operations. Some people might want to come and row crop a portion of this but we're going to be dealing with different buyers today," says Ron Kirby Jr., Auctioneer.

Carlos Taylor who says farmland is sometimes hard to come by was interested in the rural estate that featured a boundary creek and three ponds.

"Well I hope to bid on all of it and I wouldn't care if I got all of it. It just depends on the price."

He would have to outbid Brian Smith who traveled from Ohio in hopes of purchasing all of the land and starting a new future.

"Been looking to come buy farmland in South Central Kentucky for 10 years and this sparked my interest so I came down," says Smith.

If he was the highest bidder he would eventually move to Scottsville and possibly use the land for cattle farming.

"I want all of it if I buy it," says Smith.

Much like Betty once was he hopes to be a part of South Central Kentucky.

"I got good friends here that tell me this is God's country so this is the place to be," says Smith.

The total farm sold for $559,900 to two bidders.

Betty's estate was sold for $1,232,000 on Friday to a bidder from Delaware.

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