Welcoming the Corvette Caravan

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Thousands of Corvettes are making their way home. Nearly 8,000 Corvettes were registered to participate in the Corvette caravan earlier today.

"This event has been 5 years in the making. We don't do this every year. It's milestone anniversaries for the Corvette Museum, so that last time we had a caravan was in 2009. This one is about double in size of that year," Corvette Museum's Public Relations Director, Katie Frassinelli, said.

Some traveled from all over the country and wanted to make their entrance together.

"At the Kentucky Downs, in Franklin, Kentucky, there was probably 130 of us in the group. By the time everybody else got there from Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Texas, somebody said there was probably 300 all together," Corpus Christi resident, Bill Thomas, said.

Although the Corvettes may be fast, Thomas, a Corvette enthusiast, says he wanted to take his time.

"From there, we came up here, which is a 30 mile trip. We did it real slow, just driving up here, waving at all the truckers, and everybody else beeping their horns at us. We're just having a blast," Thomas said.

A group of hotels in the area hosted a welcoming party tonight for their Corvette caravan guests.

"Us being a lifetime member of the National Corvette Museum, and an official hotel sponsor of the N.C.M. motorsports park, we want to make sure we reach out and give back to our Corvette family," General Manager of Hotel Inn Express, Nicole Hehnen-Kemper, said.

There, the guests enjoyed live music and dinner on the lawn, wine tasting, and a photo booth for new and old friends.

"Well, it's all about bringing your Corvette home. So, it's a celebration of bringing your Corvette back to Bowling Green where they're made, of course. It's the only place they are made," Hehnen-Kemper said.

The museum is not only celebrating their anniversary, but also the much anticipated grand opening of the N.C.M. Motorsports Park.

Events are scheduled to begin at 9 A.M. tomorrow.

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