WKU Student Publications Worry About Ramifications From Budget Cuts

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Inside the doors of the WKU Student Publications Center sits dozens of awards for excellence. Those honors may not be possible without the financial support of the university. That is why editor of the Talisman Student Yearbook, Amber Plunkett, is upset cuts may be made.

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"The most important thing it's going to hurt is our students experience. They are not going to leave here ahead of everybody else in their job field. They are not going to get the good jobs and internships that they have been getting," says Plunkett.

In an e-mail to staff Wednesday, President Gary Ransdell announced more than two million dollars in cuts. $93,000 may be taken away from student publications. That's 47% of the student yearbook's yearly budget.

"I will be completely honest and say that we do have room to trim. We do have excess money we could cut from our budget. 47% at one time is a little excessive in my opinion," says Plunkett.

Provost Gordon Emslie says trimming the schools budget is never easy. He says a reduction won't mean the final page has been turned on student publications.

"A budget cut is not a budget elimination. We look very hard at efficiencies and what could be done still doing the same things with a little less money," says Emslie.

Emslie says the focus shouldn't be on who will see a little less green, but instead looking ahead to what could have been.

"I'm very pleased to report that one of the items that was on the table originally and is not anymore is to preserve all the searches going forward for faculty positions that are vacant," says Emslie.

It should be noted that Provost Gordon Emslie did take a budget cut himself. $315,000 was taken from the Provost's Initiatives for Excellence Awards.

The final university budget will be reviewed by the Board of Regents on June 21.

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