Whitfield Blasts Obama about Destroying Coal Industry

The message was loud and clear in Ohio County Tuesday, the current leadership of this country is hindering the coal industry in Kentucky and the country.

"Because of their regulations and his executive orders and actions by the EPA, America is the only country in the world where you literally cannot build a new coal power plant," said Congressman Ed Whitfield.

Whitfield is the chairman of the subcommittee on Energy and Power.

He says coal is important to Kentucky and to jobs for its residents.

In fact, the coal mine Whitfield was at today helped take Ohio County from a high unemployment rate to one of the lower ones in the state.

"We're seeing a little growth here in the west, but we want to keep that growth going. Right now, we're trying to make sure that everyone knows what's going on that our coal industry is under attack. That being said we want to make sure our leadership here in Washington knows what's going on here, not just the Kentucky delegation, but the whole nation knows what's happening here is affecting our economy, livelihoods and families in Kentucky," said Kentucky Coal Association President Bill Bissett.

With Alison Lundergan Grimes recent announcement to run against Sen. Mitch McConnell some are worried she might be a hindrance to the coal industry in Kentucky.

"I know her father very well and I have great respect for her, but if she's elected to the united states senate as a democrat, she's going to be working with Harry Reid and the democratic leadership. The democrat leadership in Washington, D.C. today with few exceptions are working against the coal industry," said Whitfield.

That very industry is what Whitfield hopes to keep alive.

Whitfield said Obama's assault on coal will lead to an 80 percent electricity rate hike.

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