Widening of 31 W Concerns One Business Owner

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- Plans are in the works to widen a Warren County highway to ease the flow of traffic, but one business owner in the area has expressed some concern.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials say they are in the final phase of design for the next section of 31 W to be widened.

"It will start where the previous phase ended at Dillard Rd. It will go to just past Buchanon Park. It will be 5 lanes, so you will have 2 lanes in each direction, along with a turning lane just like on the previous phase," District 3 Public Information Officer, Wes Watt said.

Carl Chaney, owner of Chaney's Dairy Barn and farm, says although we should strive for progress, he and his wife do have many concerns.

"It will probably take around 30 to 50 feet of our road frontage right here on 31 W."

But what concerns him the most is where the lanes will now merge.

"The road is going to come back together to two lanes right here in front of our farm. That concerns me immensely because we have trucks, good sized trucks, that come in here," Chaney said.

The nearly 2 and half mile project is heavily traveled and has seen a fair share of accidents over the past several years. Transportation officials say this project is needed because of population growth in the area.

"Anytime you can ease traffic and traveling, it is definitely a positive for the community," Watt said.

Watt says at the earliest, construction could begin in late 2016. The project is expected to take at least a year to complete.

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