Williams' Death Prompts Local Suicide Prevention Discussion

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Williams' suicide leaves a variety of emotions all over the world, but right here at home, the unspoken topic is opening up.
“Last year, there were 421 emergency calls made by a person contemplating suicide, or a family member worried their love one was going to commit suicide. That was just in Warren County," said said Darrell Traughber, Suicide Prevention Activist.
It is common for many to become blindsided by suicide, with no expectation.
Robin Williams' sense of humor seemed to mask his own pain.
“Somebody who can bring so much joy to so many people, in his movies, in his films, in his stand up career, to find our he was such a tortured soul and couldn't bring that happiness to himself," said Zac Bush, SKyPAC.
A clinical professional at Life Skills says as a family member and friend, the most important tip she can give is not to ignore the signs.
"It's a myth to think that somebody is weak. Unfortunately that is a lot of the stigma attached to it and it is not true. An individual is actually in some sort of psychic pain,” said Madelene Chandler, Life Skills Clinical Director.
There are a variety of myths chandler has discovered while assisting patients, another being that an individual won't speak about suicide if they have serious intentions.
"Most people, the large majority, do talk about it. In fact, many of them have made a prior suicide attempt. Another myth is that women are more likely to do it than men. That is not true. Men are four times more likely to commit suicide, while women make more attempts," said Madelene Chandler, Life Skills Clinical Director.
Nonetheless, the pain lingers on through family members and friends.
"The thing about suicide, is a lot of times it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem," said said Darrell Traughber, Suicide Prevention Activist.
Life Skills in Bowling Green has staff available 24-7 for those suffering and associated with suicide.

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