Preparations for Winter Weather

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The threat of icy weather had many people rushing to stores to stock up in case that ice keeps them at home tomorrow.

Staying in and stocking up is only one way to prepare for nasty weather.

One man says he and his girlfriend made a resolution not to eat out this year.

Tonight he found himself braving the rain now, to avoid the ice later, all to make sure he doesn't break that resolution tomorrow.

"She said we were out of milk, and I decided to come out here... not too far...less than a mile to get some milk and pick up some other things for the night," said shopper Kevin Barnes.

Law enforcement officers have recommended people avoid the ice and stay off the roads tonight.

"I'm staying off the roads. As soon as I get home, I'm staying home. Hopefully it won't happen," said shopper Teresa Givens.

In case that rain does turn to ice, Givens says she'll be prepared.

"Bread, milk, hamburger, just food in case we do get an ice storm, or snowed in," said Givens.

The city and county were out preparing roads today, and utility companies say their on-call crews are ready in case that ice causes power outages.

"We've stocked all of our trucks. We've topped off all of the fuel. Our crews are aware of what's taking place this evening, and in the event of any power outages, they will be ready to respond," said BGMU's Miles McDaniel.

And he advises staying away from any downed lines for your safety, and reporting them to your utility provider.

McDaniel says BGMU customers can report outages at any hour by calling 270-782-4302.

Warren RECC also has a 24-hour phone line to report outages and downed power lines.
If you live in Warren County, that number is 843-9710. Those outside the county can call 1-888-604-4321.

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