Winter Weather Causes Bowling Green Power Outages

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- It was no surprise for many in Bowling Green to wake up with snow on the ground Tuesday morning. However, it was a big surprise to people on Highland Way when they woke up with no power.

"Suddenly we heard a thump. I looked out the front window and this tree had come up by the roots, and fallen across my neighbors driveway," said Jody Johnson, .

The tree that fell in Johnson's yard caused 108 outages in the area but BGMU said there were wind related outages all over the city. In fact nearly 4,500 lost power between 8:40 and 9:20 AM; but according to BGMU everyone had electricity again within 45 minutes. Though a lot of progress has been made, some lines remain down and still have the potential of being hazardous.

"If you see a wire or line, don't just assume it's cable or telephone. It could be electric. It could be cable that's got tangled with electric. Stay away from it and call your power company." commented Warren RECC Director of Communications, Rick Carroll.

Road crews were out as early as 5 AM and stayed busy until around dusk. Though road conditions improved throughout the day, night time brings a different level of predictability.

"The biggest problem we have tonight is the temperature dropping and a lot of moisture on the roads will freeze and create black ice. People just need to be aware of that." said Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 3 Public Information Officer, Wes Watt.

WBKO spoke to Warren RECC and BGMU and they told us, of the people who woke up without power, they all had it back on by the afternoon.

If you have any outages to report, Warren RECC asks that you call:

In Warren County (270) 843-9710

Toll Free 1-888-604-4321

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