Winter Weather Hits WBKO Area with Frigid Temperatures

MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- A little bit of snow on the landscape and white tinted roads are both signs mother nature left behind a strong winter storm.

With the most recent storm the further north and west you went, the worse it was, but officials say thankfully in Muhlenberg County, it wasn't too bad.

"It dried up a lot before it was able to freeze. The side roads where there hadn't been any traffic had a little more ice on them, but the main roads where it had blown off and they had the salt, it dried up pretty well," said Muhlenberg County Emergency Management Director, Keith Putnam.

Unfortunately, the county did have some without power on Sunday and Monday.

"We had three major power outages. We had one yesterday afternoon in the Beechmont area. It lasted for 2-3 hours. They got all of them back on yesterday evening, which was a good thing. We had two after midnight this morning, and I think they've got all of those back on," said Putnam.

Emergency officials prepared for the worst, and had several places set up to keep people warm.

"We had several locations set up as warming shelters that can be opened up in just a matter of minutes. We've got a couple of fellowship halls at churches and a couple of community centers that we can open quickly to have them if they're needed, but we were lucky we didn't have any requests for any warming centers. All those were on standby," said Putnam.

On Tuesday, the fight against the cold continues.

Forecasts show it's likely we won't see a significant warm-up until Thursday or Friday.

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