Winter Weather: Kids Play in Snow, Drivers Have Problems on Roads

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Most of Kentucky woke up Saturday morning to a blanket of snow outside.

"We were really excited for the snow," said two nine-year-olds who were outside playing,

They spent their morning having snowball fights, making snow angels and even building a tiny snowman.

"She made the bottom and middle, and then I made the tiny little head," said Avery White.

"And then we started looking for arms and just took two twigs off the tree, and then we made a long nose from a pine cone," said Lauren Carmichael

While they had fun, drivers weren't as eager to get outside,

"All the roads were covered. You could not even see the road. Even Chestnut, one of the main roads in town, was just covered," said Kyle Pickett.

He said he had a treacherous drive about 9:30 Saturday morning.

"I did a complete 360 right before 13th Street, and I didn't know what to do. My brakes locked up and everything," Pickett said. "There was a car coming at me and I was terrified. They ended up stopping right in front of me."

Because of those conditions, roads crews were working all morning.

"The storm moved in pretty quickly and covered the roads pretty quickly. We were definitely really busy this morning," said Wes Watt, the public information officer for KYTC District 3. "Our crews were out at about 5:30 this morning -- out treating the roads. Most of the roads got covered pretty good, it was definitely slick this morning."

Watt said he heard no reports of major accidents in this area, but farther up north was a different story.

"On the Bluegrass Parkway, there was a semi-truck accident there. They closed part of it down for a while, and then up in Hart County, I believe, there was an accident that closed some lanes at least for a couple hours."

Officials recommend keeping a gas can, jumper cables, blankets, a first aid kit and some food and water in your car during winter in case you get stranded or stuck in traffic for long periods of time.

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