Police Not Ruling Out Homicide in Death Investigation

TAYLOR COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- It's a convenience store that's no longer open and a place truckers use to park their trucks in Taylor County, but after a dead body was found there police opened a death investigation that still has them searching for answers.

Samuel Robinson owns the empty convenience store and the lot next to it where police found the body of 40-year-old April Ray Miles of Campbellsville yesterday afternoon on Highway 55 just south of Campbellsville.

He didn't think anything of the semi-truck sitting in the area, where trucks normally park.

"There was a truck sitting there when I came to work that morning and the engine was running. The lights were on and it sat there all day, then later in the afternoon the police, the ambulance and all the emergency people came up," said Samuel Robinson.

"A family member checked on her. She was in a compartment of a semi that was staying there that morning. Someone went to check on her and found her body deceased," said Taylor County Sheriff Allen Newton.

Taylor County Sheriff's Department is working the investigation and they're taking every precaution until they get all the reports relating to the investigation.

"We still treat it as a homicide until we clear the death investigation," said Newton.

Police do say as of right now they don't expect foul play, but are waiting on a toxicology report.

Sheriff Newton said he's not sure when they'll get those results.

He said it could be anywhere from a week to two weeks.

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