Women Get Motivational Boost At Conference

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The Knicely Conference Center in Bowling Green was full of women today for the 16th Annual Women's Conference.

It was a full agenda, but one all the ladies welcomed.

"We love it. We wouldn't want to miss it for the world. It's really fun and a learning experience, and it's just great -- and the motivational speakers they have are wonderful," said friends Beth Williams and Tracy Spears, who have been attending the event for ten years now.

From 8:00 this morning to 2:30 this afternoon, it was all about encouraging women to take care of themselves -- inside and out.

"This is a great day for women. It's important to learn more about their health and about their families health, and just a day to enjoy A Day Just For Women," said Jenny Golden, the Director of Community Wellness for The Medical Center.

One speaker, Doctor Elizabeth Riley, helped women understand the risk of breast cancer. After that some got free massages as others shopped or got health screenings. Then they heard from Linda Eastman, founder of the Professional Woman Network.

"What I wanted to share with the women in the room was particularly about having high self-esteem, learning to forgive themselves for their past, focusing on the future, releasing a lot of burdens as far as anger and frustration. I think, most importantly, too, it was self-pampering with no guilt," Eastman said.

She said women often feel too old or not pretty enough because of advertisements, and most in the room raised their hands when she asked who felt unworthy or not good enough.

"So I wanted this to be Day One for them, to let a lot of things go and to start looking in the mirror rather than hating themselves, learning to accept themselves," she said.

Eastman said it's important to turn of the TV and cell phone at the end of each day and light a candle to relax and focus on what went right that day.

The event was hosted by the Medical Center in Bowling Green, and 350 women attended.

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